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Case Results




Charges: Criminal Possession of Marijuana, Criminal Possession of Paraphernalia, Disturbing the Peace

Results: Possession of Marijuana- Withheld Judgement, Possession of Paraphernalia- Dismissed, Disturbing the Peace- Fine $289, Jail- 60 Days (56 suspended)

Date: February 2012

Case: State of Idaho v. C.D.

Details: Boise Police responded to a phone call from Boise State University housing officials. Upon entering the residence at the invitation of university officials, officers found a bag of marijuana as well as a vaporizer for using the marijuana. The client admitted ownership of both the marijuana and the vaporizer. Under the guidance of an Anderson Law attorney, the client demonstrated to the court his willingness to seek treatment and make requisite changes in his life. In exchange for rehabilitative behavior the state reduced charges to a less serious charge of Disturbing the Peace. The client accepted the plea bargain offered and was off unsupervised probation in less than a year.


Charges: Criminal Possession of Marijuana, Criminal Possession of Paraphernalia

Results: Possession of Marijuana Dismissed by Court, Possession of Paraphernalia- Fine $235, 1 Year Unsupervised Probation

Date: May 2008

Case: State of Idaho v. J.Y.

Details: A Caldwell resident and College of Idaho student was in McCall Idaho with friends. His vehicle was stopped by McCall Police Officers. When asked if there were any drugs or alcohol in the car, the defendant admitted to possessing a small amount of marijuana. An Anderson Law attorney filed a motion to dismiss the case on the basis of a technicality. We demonstrated that the car had been unlawfully stopped by officers who had no probable cause to stopping the car. Neither had the driver of the vehicle made any traffic violations before being stopped. The court sided with the defense and all charges were dropped. 







Charges: Larceny

Results: Charges Dropped

Date: 2012

Case: State of Idaho v. S.J.

Details: After money went missing from a restaurant safe, management called police and accused one employee with access to the safe of stealing the money. The employee was questioned by police and denied any involvement in the crime. On a later occasion officers showed up at the client's house and demanded that he accompany them to the police station. Under intense interrogation, without the presence of his attorney, the client confessed to the crime. We filed a motion to suppress the confession gained from the interrogation. By insisting that the client go in a police car to a police station, the police had in effect performed an arrest without a warrant. Without the confession, the prosecution didn't have sufficient evidence to continue the case. Charges were dropped.


Charge: Two Counts of Felony Forgery

Result: First Count- Reduced to a Misdemeanor- Jail 180 Days (159 Suspended), Fine $155.50; Second Count- Charge Dropped

Date: February 2013

Case: State of Idaho v. M.N. 

Details: The client, who is a resident of Las Vegas, Nevada came to Nampa to meet with a potential buyer of craft jewelry which the client had made. The buyer decided to purchase the jewelry and gave the client a check for several thousand dollars and asked the client to cash the check at a local Wells Fargo. When the client attempted to cash the check, the bank denied the request. The buyer told the client that there must have been a problem with the bank branch and took the client to a new location. This time the police arrived and took the client into custody for attempting to pass bad checks. We successfully demonstrated that the client was an enterprising person trying to engage in legitimate business activity and as a result became a victim of fraud. He filed a motion to dismiss. 





Charge: Twp Counts of Fraud- Misappropriation Personal Identifying Information (Identity Theft)

Result: Client sentenced to 360 days jail time (357 suspended), $900 in fines

Date: November 2011

Case: State of Idaho vs. J.M.

Details: We filed a motion to dismiss the charges. Defendant plead not guilty. We contested evidence offered by the state. In the end the client was found guilty and sentenced to 360 day in jail. However, with 357 days suspended and 3 days already served upon arrest credited to the client, J.M. did not have to return to jail to serve any days after the verdict was rendered and sentencing was handed down.







Charge: Traffic Control Device-Driver Fails to Obey Red Signal

Result: Case Dismissed

Date: June 2011

Case: State of Idaho vs. D.F.

Details: The client was late for work. In a desire to arrive to work on time, the client drove in a rushed manner and committed several traffic violations. Rather than immediately stopping the client, the Idaho State Police officer followed at a distance and waited, documenting several violations before stopping the client. The officer issued two separate citations. One of our attorneys appeared on the clients behalf. A not-guilty plea was entered. The city prosecutors dropped one of the traffic violations.

In the words of the client "I estimate that it's saved me more in insurance costs than it cost to retain the attorney."

    Achieved  by Anderson Law - Attorneys

Disclaimer: This is only a sampling of the case results achieved by Anderson Law in both criminal and civil cases. We must note that prior results do not guarantee similar outcomes. Every case is distinct and must be handled using the specific facts and merits that pertain to it. No attorney can accurately promise specific results for a legal case. However, Anderson Law works to produce the best possible outcome for each client and is proud of what we've achieved on behalf of our clients.

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