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Let us help you. You have an ally with Anderson Law.
Other Legal Services


We practice Criminal Defense and Immigration primarily, but we offer an offer an array of other legal services. We are capable and hardworking and we strive to serve our clients to the best of our abilities. Our clients come back to us.

If we don't offer the type of legal services that you need, we will refer you to a skilled attorney that specializes in that area.



Whether you need a work permit, residency, a deferred action, or would like to apply for US citizenship, we can helpWe've helped hundreds of clients stay in the US, gain greater legal privileges, and/or extend their time here in the US. 

We understand what you're going through and are committed to compassionately helping you or your loved one.

Criminal Defense


A criminal charge can cause serious consequences. Whether you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, we can help. We focus on minimizing the impact that comes from being accused of a crime and getting your life back.

We take full advantage of every legal tool available to get cases dismissed or reach better deals with the prosecutors working on your case.

T. Neal, Nampa

Anderson Law helped me through a legal crisis.  After meeting with him I had such a sense of relief because I knew that they had the expertise to handle my situation. The attorneys at Anderson Law knew how to obtain the best results with the prosecutors and negotiated an outstanding plea bargain on my behalf.  Thank you Anderson Law!


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